Transformative Thought Leadership by the Global Muslim Community

An initiative to enable Thought Leaders to come together to add value to the Global Muslim Community through their expertise, skills, and academic endeavors to fill the existing vacuum.

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Why The Global Initiative? 

The burning issues of Persecution, our marginalization as a Community, and a muted voice in world affairs are all symptoms of an underlying cause – a paucity of Thought Leadership. This is arguably one of the most critical challenges faced by the global Muslim Community today. Unless there is a concerted effort to create an enabling platform that can nurture Thought Leadership, the Global Muslim Community will continue to meander from cause to cause, initiative to initiative, and even worse, crisis to crisis making it more and more irrelevant in shaping world affairs.

A New Vision

We need to candidly accept that there is a vacuity in our vision and that we have been unable to articulate a strategy for an effective way forward. This has led to cognitive dissonance and has largely dissipated the good efforts of many well-meaning individuals and organizations. The need of time is to develop effective channels for Thought Leadership.

A Clear Strategy

Religious, civic and political community leaders across the globe seem to have fallen short of being able to articulate a clear strategy that can help the Community be an engaged Community as an active participant in global society. Our discourse has been limited to a negative narrative of what we are not – NOT violent, NOT terrorist, NOT extremists ….

The Hour if Action is Now

The hour of action has arrived that we talk about what Islam is, as opposed to only what Muslims are not. Time is opportune for us to take a lead on illustrating the unique and authentic contributions Islam can offer to the global institutional table, amplifying the significant contributions Muslims can make in Academia and Civil Society.


Annual Conferences

ARSH will coordinate an inaugural annual conference on October 2018 at the United Nations Headquarter in New York. The aim of this auspicious gathering of selected individuals will be to debate relevant questions pertaining to historical and contemporary challenges, discuss solutions, foster partnerships, and announce our medium and long-term strategic vision and plans towards 2020 and beyond.

Think-Tank & Advocacy

ARSH will establish and coordinate advocacy strategies through its Advocacy Board. It will focus on attacks against Muslim minorities and will be led by leading human rights advocates, international law firms and human rights organizations in a constructive process of engagement, awareness-raising, legal action and strategic lobbying of local and central authorities.

Special Projects


Develop and produce documentary and other feature films, starting with an exposition of Muslim rituals in different countries; Other documentaries being planned include one on the persecution of minority communities through an engaging narrative and first-hand interviews,

Year of Global Multilogue 2020

This will be a year-long series of events,  celebrating Muslim cultures, heritage and achievements. It will focus on exciting events that will be accessible to all, including Ramadan street food festivals, film screenings, theatre productions, open-air concerts and performances, arts exhibitions,

Cultural  Roadshows

Explored the idea of ‘Recitatives’ (that narrate epic Islamic sories  in a classical medium involving accepted melody – qasidas – and spoken word); ‘Chorales’ (poetry) and ‘Arias’ (cello and orchestra).

Media  Relations

Developing a proper understanding and appreciation of minority communities within the Muslim world  is key to fighting false propaganda effectively and influencing policy and decision-making.

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